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Erosion Control and the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Erosion Control is a big issue for lenders taking back construction sites and vacant parcels that were intended for construction. When lots are graded, all of the natural vegetation that protects a site from surface leaving, allows the soil to becomes exposed to rain and wind. When a site erodes the result can be damage to the completed earthwork on the site as well as silting of streams and storm sewers. Cities and states around the country are fining land owners across the country for not controlling their erosion.

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment can easily address erosion control issues at the same time. To do this, the client should work with a firm that has expertise in both erosion control and environmental site assessment.

Erosion control measures include: silt fences, straw bales or sandbags around the perimeter, engineered catch basins, and seeding of exposed soils.

Partner Engineering and Sciences, offers a full range of erosion control products ranging from site inspection to design of mitigation measures.

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