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Phase II Environmental Report

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report researches a site’s history and if the previous uses of the site represent a Recognized Environmental Condition, the Environmental Professional typically recommends a Phase II Environmental Report. The Phase II Environmental Report typically consists of subsurface soil borings from which soil, groundwater, and/or soil vapor samples are collected.

Phase IIs are commonly recommended for historical use of a site by environmentally sensitive uses such as: a gas station, a dry cleaners, industrial uses, and auto repair. The Phase II will test the soil in areas of concern as determined during the Phase I ESA and the samples collected from these borings will be sampled for the chemicals of concern. A good Phase I ESA is critical in adequately scoping a Phase II Environmental Report.

The Phase II Environmental Report will evaluate if the historical use of hazardous chemicals on the subject site are a threat to human health, groundwater, or the general environment.

For a quote or advice on a Phase II Environmental Report call Partner Engineering and Science at 800-419-4923.

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