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Phase I Environmental Reviews

As an Environmental Professional, I am routinely asked to review a competitor’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and in these instances I think how we approach these reviews is an important manifestation of our professionalism. When reviewing another consultant’s Phase I ESA and/or Phase II Subsurface Testing Report, we need to focus on our client’s needs as opposed to trying to show why we are somehow better than the report author.

When reviewing an environmental report, important questions to ask are: 1) did the scope of work materially meet the requirements of ASTM 1527-2007 and those of the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Standard; 2) does the report contain enough information and data to support the decision at hand; and 3) did the author interpret the environmental risks in a way that fits into your client’s paradigm.

The bottom line is that while we should take firm positions on the facts and risk interpretation, we should always give the other professional the benefit of the doubt.

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